Enjoy Your Camping Trip Even When The Weather Turns

Trail Camp

Trail Camp (Photo credit: analog_chainsaw)

The main goal of most camping trips is to enjoy the natural beauty of new surroundings. Unfortunately, some areas are prone to sudden rainfall, high winds and colder than average temperatures. If bad weather hits while you and your group are out, your entire experienced does not have to turn sour.

Encourage everyone in your group to keep journals. You can also make sure that there are lots of good reading materials for you and all of your travel companions. Those who like to sketch or paint should pack their utensils for doing so. Quiet activities like these are a lot more fun when performed in a naturally quiet and peaceful setting.

Keep plenty of fun board games on hand as well as the right snack foods. You can make the inside of any tent or recreational vehicle very cozy. A sturdy deck of playing cards, a thermos filled with hot cocoa or coffee and a collection of delightful treats can make all the difference. You and your crew can play games, tell stories and engage in fun crafting projects until the weather lets up.

You should also have alternative cooking equipment or access to different ways to heat your foods. If you base all of your cooking around the grills that are available at your campsite, it will be difficult if not impossible to prepare meals when the worst weather hits. Those who travel in RVs generally have access to a range of cooking options, but if you are solely using a tent, make sure that your campsite has an indoor convenience area nearby that includes equipment for heating up your staples if necessary.

Remember the basic benefits that a good camping trips can provide. Traveling to a destination where there is plenty of wide open space, blissful moments of unbroken silence and amazing opportunities to connect with nature can be very emotionally freeing. You should never be afraid to get a bit wet and muddy. Taking long hikes in the rain can be a great way to relieve built-up stress and will additionally allow you to experience the local environment in an entirely new way. With a positive attitude, even the rainiest of camping trips can still be enjoyable.


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New Twist to an Old Favorite S’MORES

Since my wife and I retired, we find ourselves constantly around an open campfire. We are always having one ourselves or our camping neighbors are calling us over to visit beside theirs. In campgrounds, Friday seems to be the gathering time for fellow RV’ers to want to just have a big get together around the fire.

Our latest campfire gathering we all decided to have S’MORES. I am sure most, if not all, of you have had a S’MORE at one time or another while camping. It seems to be a Kids favorite part of camping out.

The standard S’MORE is made with a combination of campfire roasted marshmallow, Gram Crackers, and a Chocolate bar or some kind. You take the chocolate and put it between two pieces of Gram Cracker and then put the marshmallow in-between that.

Now for a different twist on an old favorite.

Well, because our last campfire outing had not been planned, none of us had all the ingredients and we had to improvise as best we could. If you have never tried it, instead of using a chocolate bar try taking a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The added peanut butter from the Reese’s makes the S’MORE irresistible. If you try this I am sure your kids will have a new favorite while camping.


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