New Twist to an Old Favorite S’MORES

Since my wife and I retired, we find ourselves constantly around an open campfire. We are always having one ourselves or our camping neighbors are calling us over to visit beside theirs. In campgrounds, Friday seems to be the gathering time for fellow RV’ers to want to just have a big get together around the fire.

Our latest campfire gathering we all decided to have S’MORES. I am sure most, if not all, of you have had a S’MORE at one time or another while camping. It seems to be a Kids favorite part of camping out.

The standard S’MORE is made with a combination of campfire roasted marshmallow, Gram Crackers, and a Chocolate bar or some kind. You take the chocolate and put it between two pieces of Gram Cracker and then put the marshmallow in-between that.

Now for a different twist on an old favorite.

Well, because our last campfire outing had not been planned, none of us had all the ingredients and we had to improvise as best we could. If you have never tried it, instead of using a chocolate bar try taking a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The added peanut butter from the Reese’s makes the S’MORE irresistible. If you try this I am sure your kids will have a new favorite while camping.


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Making Campfire Brook Trout

With my wife and I traveling the country in our Motorhome, we get lots of chances to try new variations of recipes and cook outdoors at the various campgrounds we stay at. We spend a lot of time experimenting with different things and trying things new whenever we get a chance.

We have found brook Trout cooked over an outdoor campfire is one of the greatest tasting foods out there. You can’t get much fresher fish that this, especially if you cook it the night after fishing all day on the lake or river. You will also find that in all my recipes I post we use Garlic, Garlic is good tasting if used moderately and it has excellent health benefits also.

Ingredients: (Feeds 2)

2 Medium Brook Trout: 8 to 10 inches

1 Cup of Flour

3 Eggs

2 Green Onions

2 Large Mushrooms

½ Clove of Garlic

½ Lemon

3 TBSP of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Start with a nice campfire going, We like to have a nice campfire going with a small grill on it that we can place a frying pan on. Then take the frying pan and add the Olive oil in the bottom. We use just enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan not to deep fry the fish. We then will smash up the clove of garlic, slice up the green onion and mushrooms. Partially fry the ingredients in the frying pan for about one minute before you through in the trout. Take the 3 eggs and break them open and beat them. Then take the Brook Trout with just the head cut off and dip them in the egg on each side and then in the flour, from there straight to the frying pan. Turn fish after about 5 minutes. Once you start cooking the other side, take your lemon and just squeeze over the trout. Depending on the temperature of the frying pan and the campfire, after about 5 more minutes they should be done. Just remember that Brook Trout meat will turn a solid white when fully cook. Look in the trout cavity for best results of doneness.

Served with bake potatoes that you threw in the fire, wrapped in foil, makes this a perfect dinner after a whole day of fishing.


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