How to Organize Your DVD’s in an RV or Camper

When my wife and I first started RV‘ing fulltime, it was hard to downsize from a 2400 square foot home to a 400 square foot RV. You find yourself trying to downsize but at the same time making sure you carry with you the things you require to live comfortably but not over weight yourself. Weight is one of the most important factors in travels.

Our greatest challenge was how to travel with our 350 DVD collection (Which is growing daily). When we first moved in we found that we were taking up almost the entire shelving in the living room space for nothing but the DVD’s and there cases. It looked impressive but was not very practical.

After much shopping around and looking at different products we found that you can go to any office supply store or Walmart and purchase a CD case holder. These are the one’s they sell for transporting and organizing music CD‘s. They are perfect for holding DVD’s and you can put over 300 of them in a space of 1 foot by 1 foot. You do have to throw away all your cases but then again what good are the cases anyway. Keep maybe one or two of them for when you want to share your DVD’s with other campers to protect them.

The cases fit very comfortably in the cabinets and you now will have a lot more space to hold the other things that are important to you in your camping lifestyle.


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