Pork and Potatoes on a BBQ Grill

Are you the type that just can’t seem to make anything turn out right on the BBQ. I feel your pain. However, I have found the best and easiest receipt for the BBQ. I have called it Sausage Supreme. The best part of it all is you really can’t make a mistake with it. We cook this weekly and it is our favorite when we have guest.

Ingredients: (Feeds 2 people)

1 Package or Pork Kielbasa

3 Medium Potatoes

2 Green Onions

5 fresh raw Mushrooms

1 TBSP of Minced Garlic

Seasons as you see fit

First take the Kielbasa and cut in half and then slice it into small chunks. Not too small. I make them about ¾ inch in size. Slice the Potatoes, Mushrooms , and Onions all into about the same size and throw it all into a large mixing bowl. Dump in a tablespoon on Minced Garlic and any other spices you mike like. Mix it all together and put it on some foil and make a big pouch out of it. Don’t forget to put some Pam or something on the foil so it doesn’t all stick. I also will put about a Teaspoon of butter on the top before sealing it up. Cook it on the hot side of you grill for about 12 minutes each side. After that just take it out. Put it back in your mixing bowl and serve. It doesn’t get any better than this especially if you add some garlic bread with the meal on the side.

You can also use meats such as a Chicken Breast cut into pieces in the meal instead of the Kielbasa. I have tried both and love them both but the Kielbasa is still the best.


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