Packing For Your Camping Trip

Getting ready for a camping trip is nothing short of exciting. Most people are pretty good about packing all of the obvious tools and equipment into their cars. They make certain to have plenty of sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows and tent liners. There are many additional items that many campers fail to remember, however, and these can make a dramatic difference in the amount of fun that people have while away from home.

Learn what resources will be available to you in your location. For instance, your camping site might have access to plenty of fresh, drinkable water. If not, you should tote along several gallons for everyone in your crew. Some sites also supply visitors with access to outdoor air pumps, which allow them to easily inflate their air mattresses and other inflatable gadgets and sleeping accessories. If these are not available, you should purchase a pump that has an adapter for your car’s cigarette lighter.

Pack your travel vehicle with all of the tools that you will need if an on-the-road emergency should arise. Every traveler should have plenty of road flares and a solid, spare tire that is already set on a sturdy rim. If any one of your tires deflate while you are away from accessible help, you can easily take care of this on your own. Sports, hardware and general stores sell comprehensive emergency roadside kits and these are definitely handy to carry along.

Make sure to double check your emergency roadside service agreement to ensure that it will be accessible to you. Once you travel out of a certain area, you may not be able to get the assistance you need. If this is the case, see if you can secure a short-term plan in the region you will be visiting.

In addition to all of your normal camping gear, throw in a few good games and activities that can be played both indoors and outdoors. The weather is not always guaranteed to be good and you want to have plenty of ways to entertain yourself and your troop. You can bring cards, board games, bracelet making kits and other crafts. You should also pack fishing gear and any necessary fishing licenses, tools for painting, photographing or sketching the local scenery, balls, throwing discs and any other outdoor equipment that is sure to supply plenty of fun.



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