Escape Winter Up North by Wintering in Florida in an RV for a Few Months

Last Winter was my wife’s and I first year of retirement and we wintered in Central Florida for the first time. We discovered a wonderful RV Resort that had a lot to offer people but was definitely out of town and remote. So remote it didn’t even have cell phone service unless you walked out on there boat dock.

Yellow Jacket RV Resort is located in Old Town, Florida. The RV Resort is one of the nicest we have stayed at in our first year of full timing in an RV. It has many things to offer people either weekend camping or wintering in Florida. They offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rates that were very compatible to other RV parks in Florida.

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They offer sites on the Suwannee River, and off river sites that are more cost effective but you can still see the river. We stayed in one of the off river sites for 6 months and still woke up every morning being able to see the river just fine. We were far enough away though that when the wind blew across the water we didn’t feel it as bad as others did. They have a heated pool and spa that they heat during the winter with wood and during the summer when needed with gas. It did seem though during the winter the smoke from the fire heating the pool did at times sit down in the area. If you visit make sure you don’t bring your own wood because that is the one rule they enforce greatly. They also offer boats you can rent to go up and down the Suwannee River fishing or site seeing. The Suwannee River is also home to the Gulf Jumping Sturgeon. Fish and Game doesn’t know what causes them to jump but in the fall you can see 4 and 5 foot sturgeon jumping out of the water.Its an amazing site to see.

This RV Resort has free WiFi that you will need to use since there is no Mobile Phone service. This place is completely in the tree’s.There are only a couple sites you can get satellite either but they offer free Cable TV to their guests.

The town of Old Town (15 Miles from RV Resort) isn’t anything great. It does have a grocery store but that is about it for the shopping. you can go about 15 more miles to Chiefland where you will find more restaurants and a Super Walmart. If you want to go to the movies or something you will need to travel an hour to either Ocala or Gainesville.There are also many nice sea food places to eat in the area.

For people like my wife and I, we were close to many natural springs for scuba diving. You are minutes from both Manatee Springs and Fanning Springs. My wife and I love to scuba dive. About 1 hour away is also Crystal River were you can snorkel with the Manatee. You are not allowed to scuba with them because your bubbles scare them. Even at Manatee Springs they shut down all scuba diving if the Manatees are in the area. you can swim and snorkel still though.

One thing to remember where ever you decide to winter in Florida and that is to plan early. Like most parks in Florida they fill up quick during the winter with Snowbirds. Try if at all possible to make your reservations close to 6 months in advance, then sit back and enjoy your time in the sun while others are shoveling snow.

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