Is the Current News too Influential

People around the world turn to at least one form of the news to update themselves about current social, economic and political issues. In the early 20th century, news was primarily obtained through newspapers. This was a relatively slow process, considering that it might take a day or sometimes even more for local newspapers to update about current events. With the popularity of the radio came a much faster means of transporting information, although this form of news was only available during broadcasts. With television came the evening news, the morning news, and the afternoon news.

Today, news is reported 24/7 around the world, in millions of different online and print publications. Updated news takes seconds to transmit and only seconds to read, hear, or watch. There is no end to the number of different news publications or programs that are endlessly reporting the news, so it is no wonder that many news programs are now turning to more opinionated anchors. News programs with more opinionated anchors are much more popular because now, news programs and publications must fight to to keep public viewers tuned in. Dramatic headlines, intense subjects, emotional news reports and buzz words are the new status quo among news reports which are constantly vying for viewer attention. But is the popularity of current styles of news reporting too influential on its viewers?

News should strive, above all, to be two things: informative and objective. Objectivity is one of the toughest goals to strive for when reporting the news, especially when it comes to heated situations like political events, political debates, human rights, and violent crime. News programs should also be informative and inform its viewers about—at the very least—the basic facts surrounding any event. It is only natural for any reporter to give their own opinion, however subconsciously, about the news. However, when a news program decides to present personal opinion again and again as fact, often leaving out details which are disharmonious to that opinion, it can warp the viewers’ sense of events to a great degree. Viewers may not even be aware of the basic facts surrounding an event, which questions the legitimacy of the news program itself.

For an example of a news program which may be considered too influential, let’s look at Fox News. Fox News presents current world events through the eyes of opinionated anchors, reporters and journalists. But is their opinionated style of reporting having a negative effect on viewers?

In a 2011 poll undertaken by Fairleigh Dickinson University, it was found that people who learn about current news events by watching Fox News were significantly less likely to know correct answers to basic questions about world events than those who did not watch news shows or read newspapers at all! Fox News, which presents events in a heavily opinionated manner, is one example of the current news proving too influential on its viewers. The viewers who primarily watched Fox News were not able to state a basic fact about a current world event at the time of the poll—not a specific opinion about the event, but a fact. Fox News’ programming, then, is not only opinionated but also not informative.

To quote the university’s findings:

[People ]who watch Fox News, the most popular of the 24-hour cable news networks, are 18-points less likely to know that Egyptians overthrew their government than those who watch no news at all … Fox News watchers are also 6-points less likely to know that Syrians have not yet overthrown their government than those who watch no news…  

If opinionated news reporting like Fox News can keep a viewer in the dark about such an important event, then there is almost no telling what other kinds of influences that style of news reporting can have on their world view. Instead of striving to capture viewers with flashy logos or buzzword headlines, the news should once again turn to providing objective and informative reporting about world events.

I pointed out Fox News in this article, but in actuality, almost all news broadcasts are guilty in one form or another in trying to influence your options on important issues. It is everyone’s responsibility to learn all they can on issues and not just take one news broadcast to make or form opinions on anything.



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Why Are Americans Rude to Others

First let me say that I am an American and very proud to be from America, as I believe it is the land of the free and it’s the one country you can accomplish anything if you want to. If you are not successful in life in the USA then you didn’t try hard enough. I came from a small logging town of 1200 people and have been very successful in life and retired at a very young  age with no help from anyone but my own determination.

However, since I have spent so much time over the past two years traveling both in the United States and abroad. I have to say of all the people I meet and see, Americans seem to be the rudest people I have ever met.

I realize that this is stereotyping American’s and I don’t mean to do that, as there are some great people in America and some will go way out of their way to help you if you are in need. However, as a whole, they appear to be higher number of rude people per capita than anywhere else I have been.  Below, I want to point out some things that help me come to this conclusion. Hopefully pointing some of these things out will have you thinking about how you do things during the day and possibly change some people’s attitude towards others.


There are many ways when it comes to jobs that I can point out that show my point. However there are 2 in particular that I want to bring up.

1)      Customer service jobs.  These people must have the toughest job in the world. I wonder sometimes if they ever get a call during a day that they are not yelled at or called names because of something that there company is doing. Customer service jobs can be some of the lowest level jobs in a company and most likely they have very little decision making in the direction a company takes. So why yell at them, as they have no control over how things are done in the company. They get blamed when people call them like it’s there faults something doesn’t work or you got over billed. I find talking nicely with this group of people gets you a lot further with your issue than yelling.

2)      Hotel workers. I have met many American’s that when I point out there are cleaning jobs at a local hotel, there first comment is “ I am not cleaning someone else’s toilets”  The funny part of all this is this most of the time is coming from someone that doesn’t have a job and is complaining that there are no jobs out there for people. I always believed you do whatever it takes to survive but American’s think it’s just easier to stay on unemployment because it pays better. I sure am glad of immigrants, as they seem to be the only ones willing to do the jobs many Americans feel are below them.


Now let’s take the country of Aruba. One of the major industries on this small Caribbean island is tourism.  Of all the tourist visiting this county, about 75% of them are American’s. When the American’s are there they just seem to think it’s the United States and complain when they are not treated as kings. When they have to pay for drink refills or the drivers on the street don’t drive like in the United States , it’s the fault of Aruba. Americans have to realize that every country does things different and nothing says that the United States way is the only way things should be done.

Let’s also talk about Aruba and the two missing  girls. There you have a 19 mile country that has had two deaths in a 5 year period. I wonder if there is anywhere in the United States that has a 19 mile area with only 2 deaths in 5 years. I am sure there is but not many. They also are probably small communities and not the 100,000 that Aruba has before any tourist show up. You may not like how the police acted but it’s how they do things in Aruba and that doesn’t mean it was the wrong way. You expected them to act as if they have all the same tools they do in the United States, but they don’t, and they also are not a country that owes money to China and then complain that China is taking over. With the latest missing lady, I don’t see a lot of Aruban‘s killing other Aruban’s but there sure is a lot of American on American murders. Only in America can you be shot on the Highway because you cut someone off and they didn’t like it.

Road Rage

Road rage is almost a separate topic on itself. However, in all the countries I have driven in, America seems to be the only one that you can drive down the road and get the finger from someone. Either you are driving too slow in the fast lane , even if you are driving at the speed limit and not speeding or breaking the law. It’s also one of the few places I have driven that most people don’t have the habit of letting others into traffic because it might slow them down 5 seconds from getting to where there going. A lot of this is because Americans are always in a hurry to get somewhere due to their fast paste life. However, if there are so many American’s unemployed in the United States I am not sure what there is such a hurry to get to because it’s obviously not to a job.

Shopping Stores

This issue exists in almost every store on every corner.  I want to talk about the rude people in stores. It seems the person in front of you is never getting through the line fast enough for the person behind them. If someone uses coupons or writes a check, all of a sudden it’s the end of the world. You may just have spent two hours in the store shopping but as soon as you get up to the line to check out you are in a hurry. If you want stores to open up more lines for people, then you should just tell the manager you’re willing to pay more for the products you are buying so that you can pay for more employees to have on the line. You see this more at the discount stores because they do make less profit and have less employees.

Those of you that say companies make enough profit and it’s not fair. Well then just tell your realtor you’re willing to sell your house for less, because making a profit on your investment is not important to you and you want to make sure the next person buying your house gets a good deal. As a previous owner of a couple companies, I am here to tell you if you want to make the money then take the investment to start the company. Work 7 days a week, 15 to 16 hours a day and on vacations still have a cell phone tied to your hip. If you’re not willing to do this, then don’t expect the profits that come to those that make this sacrifice.

In closing: I think the main reason Americans are inconsiderate of others, is that most of them are in such a hurry in everything they do. We need to learn to slow down and enjoy life and enjoy the things around you. One thing to always think is “Treat Others Like You Want to Be Treated”. I will admit that I use to be one of these rude people, but over the last couple years I have realized how I was treating people and the effects it has on them. I may at times still get out of line but I am at least thinking about it and trying to be more considerate. Americans are not going to change overnight but if we each try and change it could be a better place.

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