Prepping Your Tent

Before going out on your very first tent camp, you should know about how to properly set a tent for camping to begin with. By having the required knowledge for creating a tent before you go to the camping grounds, you would be prepared to get full enjoyment your camping day, and also avoid any mishaps. Knowing how to pitch a tent, is knowing just a few simple actions.

Since it’s your home abroad, it’s important to choose the camping tent that will aid the needs of your household so that you stay comfortable, safe, and you may savor your camping day. Probably the most important point to focus on when considering a camping tent, is where exactly do you intend to set it at. When you can, try not to rest on a slope. Consider where the sun arises, and goes down. Consider some shelter in your day, it’s often beneficial to have trees using one side to provide some organic protection from heat, or any foraging creatures that could decide your tent appears fascinating enough to explore.

Work with a tarp or floor cloth. This bit of essential gear for the tent is inexpensive to purchase, and can help to make sure your tent stays dryer during wet climate. The tarp or floor fabric beneath the tent may furthermore safeguard it from stones along with additional terrain elements of which could tear or harm your tent. You should also choose a great floor sheet to bolster the camping tent and protect it from rips, wear and tears, as well as to help keep the groundwater away from you.

If you intend to do camping in winter, or high altitude camp outs in warm temperatures, then you should search for a seasonal tent. In case you are solo, obviously you will not need as much space like you need for a family group of six. You can still involve privacy for other people in your camp while sharing a tent, by investing in one which includes flaps that become dividers in the tent, to be able to create two or more rooms within.

Make sure to keep these simple tips in mind, as they are essential to properly building up a tent for camping. In addition, remember to never set your tent within 20 feet of a campfire or grill. In the event that you intend to have a fire, make sure that the flames won’t achieve any overhanging canopy of branches which could result in a fire. Take notice and follow any published warning signs to check out pet tracks on the floor. Most important of all have fun. Camping is more than just rules and precautions; they only exist to further your enjoyment of the nature in which you will be spending the night in.

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Choosing A Winter Campground

There are many things to consider when choosing the best location for Wintering in a Motorhome or 5th Wheel for you and your spouse. My wife and I have actually wintered in Florida for the past 6 years but try and move around to a different location every couple years.


This is a very critical part of the decision making process. The two most common state for wintering in are Florida and Arizona. However, keep in mind the northern part of both states still are cold during the winter and are not necessarily ideal location. Because of this the southern part of Florida and Arizona get very full during the winter with all the full-timers and snowbirds and therefor fill up as early as April the spring before Due to a lot of people return year to year to the same place. So Plan early and start calling.

Campground Activities:

This is important to avoid getting bored during the winter months. This also varies greatly from campground to campground. We have been in locations that actually do nothing and expect you to entertain yourself to others that will have potlucks, bingos, dances, and card or pool nights. We find we want ones with lots of activities because it helps pass the time and doesn’t cost a lot.

Price and Terms:

This is more of a personal decision to decide on. You will find some campgrounds have one price for everything and others that will offer Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 6 Months and Annual pricing. The longer you stay the cheaper per month it is. Also some will charge extra for Electric. You will usually also find that it’s one of those things you Pay for what you get. The cheaper sites will be usually smaller sites and less activities than the more expensive ones will have larger sites, Paves campground, and Pools and actives during the winter.

Medical Facilities:

This can be more important the unhealthier you are. I have been in remote areas of Florida that can be 45 minutes from the nearest Hospital. This can be the difference from living to dying if it’s too major of an emergency. We like to be t of town but still close enough for help if need be. Also since we are in Florida 6 months of the year we need doctors and dentist to get checkups done while we are there. We want them close to safe on gas and wear and tear on vehicles.

Shopping and Entertainment:

This goes along with the medical Facilities. You don’t want to have to drive a long distance every time you need to go grocery shopping or to dinner and the movies. Most people find they have to go out at least every other day as to not get bored or lazy around the campground. This can be shopping, eating out, or other activist live parts and fishing.

As always it’s your decision on where you want to winter but make sure you plan early as most enjoyable locations fill early and there is a reason for that. Look at it as taking a lesson from the more experienced and there must be a reason people are returning from year to year. If a park is empty or easy to get into there may be a hidden reason for it that others have already learned from.

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