Raising Might:




  • Buildings adds might, it doesn’t give much but its still something.


  • Town hall adds 50 might per level
  • Mana mills,gold mines,gold vaults and mana vaults adds 3 might per level
  • Army camps adds 5 might per level
  • Hero alter and guild hall adds 10 might per level
  • Hero base adds 1 might per level
  • Basic tower adds 5 might per level (Before Arrow/Cannon/Magic Towers)
  • Advanced tower adds 10 might per lvl ( there is a bug when you upgrade a Basic tower to a Advanced one you will lose the the 50 might that you gained for having a lvl 10 basic tower)
  • Relic hall adds 5 might per level
  • Placing the arena adds 5 might
  • Placing the warehouse adds 1 might


Having all buildings at max gives you a total of  3726 might




First tier troops:


  • Adds 8 might at level 1
  • Adds 16 might at level 2
  • Adds 24 might at level 3
  • Adds 32 might at level 4
  • Adds 40 might at level 5

So leveling a First tier troop to level 5 gains you 120 might


Second tier troops:


  • Adds 50 might at level 1
  • Adds 65 might at level 2
  • Adds 80 might at level 3
  • Adds 95 might at level 4
  • Adds 110 might at level 5

So leveling a second tier troop to level 5 will gain you 400 might


Third tier troops:


  • Adds 150 at level 1
  • Adds 180 at level 2
  • Adds 210 at level 3
  • Adds 240 at level 4
  • Adds 270 at level 5

So leveling a third tier troop to level 5 will gain you 1050 might


Having all troops at level 5  gives you a total of 6280 might




  • Level 5 Arrow Rain adds 150 might
  • Level 5 Restoration adds 225 might
  • Level 5 Ares’s Fervor adds 300 might
  • Level 5 Windstorm adds 375 might
  • Level 5 Guardian Angel adds 450 might
  • Level 5 Meteor adds 525 might
  • Level 5 Disaster adds 600 might
  • Level 5 Ares’s Frenzy adds 675 might
  • Level 5 Phoenix Flight adds 750 might
  • Level 5 Snowstorm adds 825 might


Having all spells at level 5 gives you a total of 4875 might




  • Heros are the ones who gives the most and easiest might, heroes gives might based on 4 factors, 1. there level 2. There skill level 3. There talent level 4. There inscription level


Hero levels:


  • A ordinary hero adds 2 might per level
  • A elite hero adds 3.5 might per level
  • A legend adds 4.75 might per level expect druid that gives 5 per level and Ninja that gives 5.4 per level



Skill Level:


  • A ordinary adds 19.5 might per skill level
  • A elite hero adds 39 might per skill level
  • A legend adds 58.5 might per skill level


Talent level:


  • For each talent level you gain 20 might
  • Maximum might per talent is 100.




  • Inscription at level 20 adds 81 might
  • Inscription at level 40 adds 225 might
  • Inscription at level 60 adds 471 might
  • Inscription at level 80 adds 876 might


So you get 50808 might for leveling your 58 heroes to level 80 inscription.


Boss Fight:




  • A member that can do 36M damage in one round.




  • A member that can do 10M+ damage over multiple rounds


  • Permastunners should enter the boss fight when the boss has 90M hit points remaining. They should wait at least 30 seconds before dropping a hero and then remain in the fight until the boss is dead or the time expires.  This should reduce the chance of a Chainstunner inflicting a huge chunk of damage and dropping the boss below 36M.


  • Chainstunners should know roughly how much damage they can do and enter the boss at some point between the start 120M and 90M. If you manage to get a Permastun going then stay in until the boss is dead or the time runs out, there is no benefit to leaving before this point.


  • There is no advantage to doing more than 36M damage so entering the fight as late as you can will increase the boss time for other members.


General information:


  • The boss has 120M hit points. If a Permastunner joins at 90M and does 50M damage but in that time the rest of the guild has killed the boss by inflicting 90M cumulative damage then the Permastunners damage won’t even count.  This is why the Permastunners don’t join at the beginning.


  • If all guild members started at 13:10 then the boss would be dead in less than two minutes and only the Permastunners would get maximum HB’s. Everyone else would get a significantly reduced amount therefore after much trial and error this is the fairest strategy we have found.



Inscriptions & Crests:



  • 4 Star Heroes are needed to begin inscriptions up to Level 20
  • 5 Star Heroes are needed to begin inscriptions up to Level 40
  • 6 Star Heroes are needed to begin inscriptions up to Level 60
  • 7 Star Heroes are needed to begin inscriptions up to Level 80


  • Inscriptions are unlocked when the Hero reaches Star Level 4.
  • The Inscription Level can be increased by using resources found in Lost Realm.


  • Crest slots are unlocked when the Inscription has reached Level 21.
  • Crests are used for inlaying.
  • Crests boost certain Hero Attributes.
  • Having a full set of Crests will activate the set Attribute (a second Talent).


  • Both Inscriptions and Crests can boost a Hero’s HP and ATK.


  • Crests can be obtained from the Lost Realm.
  • To enter the Lost Realm, tap on the broken bridge at the top right of your base.
  • Crests can be combined or inlaid.


Crest Attributes:


  • Crests have basic HP and ATK Attributes.
  • The Attributes of the Crests equipped in the 4 slots are stacked.
  • Crest Attributes are added to the Hero’s basic Attributes.


Inlaying Crests:


  • Inlaying Rules:

> There are 4 Crest slots: I, II, III, and IV.

> Crests are also classified into 4 types: I, II, III, and IV.

  • Each Crest type belongs to a respective slot and can only be inlaid in the correct slot.

> For example, a Type I Crest can only be inlaid into Slot I.


About Combining:


  • Each Crest can be one of 5 levels. The level can be increased by combining Crests.
  • Increasing the Crest’s level will increase the Crest’s Attributes and raise the level of the activated Talent.


Combination Details:


  • 4 identical low level Crests can be combined into 1 high level Crest.
  • Resources are used each time you combine Crests.
  • The amount of resources required increases with the level of the Crest.


How to Combine Crests:


  • Method 1: From the Warehouse, tap “Crest” then tap “Combine” in the sidebar to access the Crest Combination interface.
  • Method 2: From the Heroes Altar, select a Hero. “Combine” will be available on the Hero Altar Interface.


Activating Talents:


  • The Crest Talent will activate when every slot has an inlaid Crest and the Crests are all from the same set.
  • Example: When every slot is inlaid with a “Revive” Crest, the talent will be activated.


Relationship between Crest Talent and HeroTalent:


  • If the Crest Talent is different from the Hero’s own Talent, both Talents are activated.
  • If the Crest Talent is the same as the Hero’sTalent, the Talent effect will not stack and only the higher level Talent will activate.
  • If the levels of the Crests used to activate theTalent are different, only the lower-level Talent will be activated.
  • For Example, in the case of activating the “Revive” Talent, if the Crest in Slot III is Lv 4, while the Crests in Slots I, II and IV are Lv 1, only Lv 1 Revive will be activated.

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